Humanities Faculty

Humanities at the Oaks Academy is a journey through time discussing societies, land, culture and events: how people create the world in which they live and how the world they live in makes them the people that they are. The faculty incorporates the subjects of History, Geography, Religious Education and Modern Foreign languages and PSHCE at Key Stages 3 and 4. We focus on providing pupils with a whole learning experience, encouraging each student to reflect and engage with issues and to examine their own beliefs and attitudes as individuals in an ever-changing global society. We encourage all students to play an active role in the Academy life as well as in the wider community and we aim to prepare them for further education, employment and training.

Having a Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages Faculty encourages us to share good practice and explore cross curricular links that can support learning and pupil experience. All subjects are popular with our pupils and we have a range of extra-curricular activities, visitors and trips which take place throughout the year. Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages promote academic learning by delivering lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and engaging. Across Key Stage 3 we ensure a breadth of learning is provided before the depth of learning narrows as they progress towards and into Key Stage 4. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our pupils by focusing on building and retaining knowledge, developing key skills and improving literacy. We teach pupils how to think, question and evaluate before drawing justified conclusions. We promote a class climate of calm; nurturing pupils to take pride in their learning and to show respect to the teacher and to each other. Pupils are given teacher feedback to help them make progress and rewards are given to celebrate their work showing that effort is valued, and resilience promoted. We provide cultural enrichment in lessons and through the provision of memorable experiences, visits and trips as we strive to prepare our pupils for life as productive members of society.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • History Club
  • Politics club
  • LGBT Club
  • Chess Club
  • The Muffin Club
  • Intervention sessions
  • Visits to:
  • Cathedrals
  • Sacred Buildings, Church, Gurdwara, Mosque, Temple
  • Formby Beech
  • Liverpool One
  • Christmas Markets
  • University taster days
  • Ypres Battlefield trip
  • Queens Park
  • The Battle of Nantwich
  • Crewe Alexandra Football Matches