More Able Programme

The Oaks Academy is committed to nurturing the talents of every one of its students. We do, however, recognise that some students are especially talented in one area in particular such as sports or music, and that other children may have outstanding academic success across a wide range of subjects. 

By identifying and providing for those more able students we help all students strive to fulfil their potential.  

For our more able, opportunities are offered for enrichment through appropriate support, challenge and a range of opportunities in all aspects of their school life.  

Through the intent of our curriculum staff teach all students to a high level and scaffold their implementation so that all students can achieve. All lessons have explicit challenge embedded in the learning so that students know what higher level application looks like. Every class, whether mixed ability or set by ability, has students who require additional stretch and challenge. The Oaks is dedicated to sharing best practice in stretching and challenging our most able students so they can experience a wide range of effective teaching strategies in lesson. 

More Able Masterclasses  

Introduced this academic year, we have launched our More Able Masterclasses across lower school. All students are identified as more able based on their prior KS2 and CATs data, are encouraged to attend challenging after school lessons. This provides an opportunity to extend our school curriculum to ensure our brightest learners are provided with a range of learning opportunities outside of everyday lessons.   

For more information about our More Able Masterclasses please contact Mr Newham.     

Scholars Programme  

Where a more able child has a particular ability or exceptional talent then in year 10, they will be invited to participate in The Scholars Programme. The programme helps pupils develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to progress to the most competitive universities and helps the most able to believe that they can compete with pupils from either the independent sector or state selective schools when applying. It aims to develop key university-preparedness skills including critical thinking, subject knowledge, written communication, and university self-efficacy. 

For more information on Scholars Programme please contact Mrs Abberley.