Homework is an essential part of learning as it provides an opportunity to consolidate and reflect on learning and to prepare for future learning. Homework develops valuable skills such as concentration, time management, research and academic rigour so that all students leave ready for study at college and future employment. Satchel:One is the online platform that The Oaks Academy will use for the setting and monitoring of homework.


All staff will use Satchel:One to set homework, all students will use it as a means of accessing set homework and all parents will have access to see what work has been set. Students will be able to communicate with their teachers via Satchel:One. Please feel free to download the Satchel:One app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Or you can visit the website below to access the platform.

Satchel One | Login

Student Accounts

Students don’t need a separate username and password for Satchel: One. Instead, students should use the Sign in with Office 365 button and enter their school email address and school password to login.    

Parent Accounts

Parents sign-up for accounts directly with Satchel One using student specific PIN codes issued by the school. 

Homework Frequency:

Key Stage 3 Homework Approx. 20-30 minutes in length per subject  
English, Maths, Science and MFL   Weekly  
History, Geography, RE & IT Fortnightly
Music, Art, Drama, Food, PE & D&T Every three weeks
KS3 Subject Discipline Reading In addition, every subject will set an extended reading task with a set of questions to answer once per half term. This reading task will be specific to the subject.
KS4 Homework Approx. 25-40 minutes per subject.
All GCSE Subjects Homework will be set regularly by the class teacher to ensure students develop their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom.