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PE Curriculum Statement

Physical Education at The Oaks Academy provides students with an outstanding curriculum as well as many extra opportunities for inclusive and competitive sport. The Oaks Academy PE curriculum not only teaches students skills and competitive play, there is also a strong focus on discipline, respect, health and leadership. All students experience a range of sport and physical activity, both individual and in a team. Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular clubs (in and out of school) to broaden their opportunities and further build their character. 

National Curriculum

Years 7/8/9 - Broad curriculum with a focus on practical skills, application, competition, leadership and HAL.
Year 10/11 core – Active, diverse activities promoting a lifelong love of physical activity.
Year 10/11 Exam – Challenging, thought provoking and competitive sport. 

Exceeding Ambition

  • A wealth of extra-curricular opportunities
  • Exposure to professional sport
  • Developing student's personal character 
  • Careers Exposure
  • Engaging with external coaches and talent scouts

Here are our Curriculum Road Maps for PE:


To enable all young people to develop into skilled, confident, aspirational learners who understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. The PE curriculum meets and exceeds national curriculum expectations offering all pupils the opportunity to engage in a broad range of sports and activities. Through both in lesson and extra-curricular experiences pupils develop :

  • Skill Acquisition and Application   
  • Social Skills and Character Development (including leadership)   
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyles   
  • Theory knowledge  of Contemporary Issues in Sport  

All pupils are strongly encouraged to participate in an extra-curricular club and they have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport.  

Implementation: What does learning look like?

In Years 7 / 8 and 9

PE lessons are a hub of energy, hard work, passion and respect. Students are exposed to a broad range of sports, including Football, Netball, Badminton, Volleyball, Trampolining, Fitness, Table Tennis, Cricket, Rounders and Athletics. Skills are taught in isolation and small sided activities which are then applied to competitive settings. Within classes pupils are grouped to work with pupils of similar ability, this enables students to learn in a contusive environment ensuring the highest levels of progress possible.

In Years 10 and 11

Students will have chosen whether they are studying OCR Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies or if they are continuing PE as a core subject once a week. When young people choose this subject as their elective students will be learning theoretical content as well as continuing their practical components. Learning is progressive and challenging and allows students opportunities to explore wider topics surrounding the curriculum. Our PE lessons showcase high quality teaching and learning that encourages all learners to be independent, inquisitive and passionate. The content of the course is split into 3 units. Pupils will study an examination unit that looks at Contemporary Issues that affect sport, this unit is worth 40% of the course. The second unit is Sport Performance and Leadership. This looks at pupils being assessed on their competence when performing in 2 sports, they will then have to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in performance. The final aspect of the unit is leading a sporting activity of their choice and evaluating its success. The third unit is optional between Sport in the Media and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. 

Core PE students from years 10-11 have 60 minutes of PE a week. During this time students select sporting activities from a choice of activities; the purpose is to maintain sporting performance and most importantly to help pupils to maintain a balanced positive mental health. As pupils are in Key Stage 4, they will use the leadership skills acquired in Key Stage 3 to take on greater responsibility. 


Year 7/ 8 and 9 assessment follows the school assessment model which assess students against Key Performance Indicators. Pupils are assessed practically against the Cambridge National sporting indicators.  These assessments take place throughout the unit of work (activity) and inform planning for future lessons. There is a continuous dialogue between students and staff regarding progress and how to achieve their personal goals. 

Examination groups are assessed through formative and summative assessments. At the end of each topic students sit an end of topic test, the outcome of this determines intervention that is then put in place. Students will sit a Mock paper twice a year, this will allow them to apply the knowledge they have built up in exam conditions. Pupils through the course of the practical unit will be assessed practically against the Cambridge National Performance Indictors. Assessment is used at every stage to inform planning and intervention to ensure the most progress is made by every student.

Cultural Capital Opportunities linked to Personal and Character development

PE is enriched with opportunities develop character and cultural capital. Team work is an integral part of our lessons and students learn to work with one another no matter their ethnicities or backgrounds. Discussions in lessons take place around the origin of different sports. Character is developed through team work, leadership and sportsmanship. All competitions, educational visits and lessons develop students’ character. One example, students learn how to cope with not winning and succeeding all of the time, this builds students resilience and determination to work harder and perform better. 


KS3 Physical Education – BBC Bitesize

Cambridge Nationals – Sport Studies Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J803, J813 – OCR

Our Facilities

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